I really can’t bite my tongue any longer. This needs to be said. While scrolling through recent tumblr posts, my jaw dropped when I saw a post about the character Nan on AHS, with the caption: “Please lord Jesus, don’t make the retard the next supreme.” I saw this hours ago and I am still enraged and saddened by it. Before I educate you on how hurtful and cruel it is to use that word, I would like to inform you that this character has a NAME. Her name isn’t retard, it’s Nan. She is played by the incredible actress Jamie Brewer, who has had to overcome more than most of the petty, insignificant assholes who reblogged that post. Now that that’s cleared up, I would like to inform you that your disgusting LABEL of this character/actress is truly sickening. It is 2013 and people still think it’s okay to label someone with a disability as retarded? UNBELIEVABLE. Next, I would like to point out that a disability doesn’t DEFINE someone. They can accomplish just as much as someone without a disability, and they deserve the exact same amount of RESPECT that you would give someone who doesn’t a disability.

Some of you may not know this, but I am a student teacher who works with many children who have special needs. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t know what to do if I didn’t have these kids in my life. Their smile is infectious and their kind hearts fill me with happiness everyday. These children don’t have any prejudices, and they are respectful to everyone around them. It’s truly sad that people can’t treat them the same way they treat us!

So let me ask you a few questions. Why shouldn’t Nan be the next supreme? What has she done that makes her unworthy? Why doesn’t she deserve the title just as much as Zoe or Misty or Madison?

I am posting this beautiful picture of Jamie because she deserves to be recognized for her incredible talent and kind spirit. I would just like everyone to look past her disability and realize that she is just like you and me. The fact that she has down syndrome is completely irrelevant when discussing why someone should or shouldn’t be the next supreme. Please educate yourselves before posting such harmful things about people who did nothing to deserve it.

Couldn’t have said it better. Thank you for posting this.


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