Four women, each with a reason to run, find a reason to stop.

Claire, Sophie, Emily, and Tasha travel through a doorway to an alternate universe and another galaxy.  With only a few minutes to decide whether to stay or return to Earth and the problems they were fleeing, all four take a chance on a new beginning.

Tellus may look a lot like Earth, but the differences, both large and small, will transform the women into heroes and legends, and their bloodlines will be the start of the powerful dynasties that shape a world with a mysterious past and an uncertain future. The planet is dying and heroes both willing and unwilling are needed.


Sweet, easy going good samaritan Claire is about to discover her inner strength. Adopted at a young age by a couple already in their sixties, and raised an only child, Claire’s life in a small East Texas town has been anything but exciting. Married at 18 to her best friend, and widowed at 30, passion and adventure is only something she experiences through the romance novels she reads. But when her boyfriend steals all her money and her dreams, she finds the courage to take back her life and sets out to Vermont to find her only living relative and start new. Fate has a different plan for her, however, and a chance encounter changes her life forever.


Sophie’s life has never been easy. Out of work and out of money, she has no reason to not go along with Tasha’s plan to get out of town and start over somewhere new. But when things go bad, she finds herself heading straight to the crazy grandfather she swore she would never turn to for help. His actions when her mother was murdered when Sophie was 16 did little to mend their fragile relationship, but now he may be her best hope to get her and her friends out of a very dangerous situation.


Tasha was born with the proverbial silver spoon in her mouth, and promptly spit it out. Always at war with her parents about how she lives her life, she now has to choose between crawling back to them for financial aid or getting her legs broke or worse for a gambling debt. When an opportunity to help a friend presents itself, she sees a way to avoid both. Now, if she could just figure out what to do about her temper, and the strange powers it unleashes.


Emily has finally had enough. Tired of being a doormat and punching bag for her mobster husband, she finally accepts Tasha’s offer of help.  With her telepathic powers growing stronger every day, Emily knows it is now or never. Getting away from Gregory is the easy part, staying alive is another question. She just has to convince Sophie and Tasha to accept the help of a stranger, the woman she has dreamed of for months.

Together, these four women will have to find their place in a magical and mysterious world, unlike anything they have ever seen.




2 thoughts on “Synopsis

  1. Ryan Lee King

    Hmm. That sounds like an interesting premise. Having 4 protagonists might be a bit challenging but it might good for the serial format since each episode can switch to the next person. Good luck!


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