SIGNAL BOOST. Keep reblogging. This could save my life.

Hello beauties.

I have had Chronic Lyme Disease for 10 years now and I’m only 21. It’s a truly debilitating disease and I’ve been going through hell for 10 years. I’m only getting worse and basically slowly dying.

I found this treatment center that specializes in Chronic Lyme only 30 minutes from me. The catch is, its a crap load of money. Of course, right? 😛

If the peoples of the internet unite and all donate a dollar, I can easily raise the 34,500 I need to go and get healthy!

I do not even have a memory of what it is like to be healthy because I was infected at such a young age. Please help me so I can understand what it feels like to be normal. So I can go on to live an actual life. The suffering is immense and I cannot do this much longer.

So please, share this and if you can donate a dollar!

Hey lovelies, signal boost?

I donated my dollar. why doesn’t everyone who rebloggs this just give a dollar? she’s be past her goal by now. It’s a dollar, a pack of gum costs more. This is a life we’re talking about.

not everyone has a way to donate. much like myself some do not have access to a credit card and we cant exactly shove a five dollar bill into the cd drive. the only real thing people like myself can do is reblog and hope that people who are able to donate will see this and pick up the slack.

That last comment. Thank you.


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