The signs as dragons

Aries: biggest dragon of them all and is able to breathe fire in a range up to 10 meters or 32 feet from where it stands and therefor the most feared dragon. It has jet black scales and intimidating purple eyes.
Taurus: has white shimmering scales and if the sun shines on the scales in a correct angle, it’ll appear in different colours, creating beautiful rainbows across the sky. Humans are very fond of this dragon.
Gemini: can appear in various colours since it sheds its scales once a year, changing its colour randomly. Likes to travel and can be found all around the world. It isn’t bound to a specific place.
Cancer: lives in a hidden place and has hardly ever been seen by the human eye, but it’s highly sought by them because it’s said that drinking its blood will cure any kind of disease.
Leo: able to breathe burning blue hot fire, roasting anyone coming near it. It has golden scales worth a lot of money, but hard to take down due to their strong stamina.
Virgo: it has steely, sharp scales that can cut through anything. Humans like to hunt them down for their scales, using them to craft weapons. Therefor only very few of them are left.
Libra: is the most intelligent dragon. Clever enough to learn how to speak and interact with humans. In rare cases it can form a very strong bond to a certain human. Due to their similar minds, humans choose not to hunt them.
Scorpio: is purple with a very sharp tail producing deadly poison at the tip and therefore one single stab is able to kill. Very cunning when hunting and precise at aiming. Lives in mountain caves.
Sagittarius: smaller than the average size of a dragon, but has the fastest wings due to its light weight and is able to reach higher above the clouds than any other dragon.
Capricorn: only dragon to have horn on its head, which are highly desirable to human-kind. It has big silky-looking wings that are able to blow away enemies when flapping them.
Aquarius: a slim long dragon with blue scales, which makes it a very fast camouflaged swimmer. Can hold its breath up to 20 minutes under water. It lures the prey into water and wraps itself around the prey, letting it drown.
Pisces: it lives in freezing climates and has thick white scales to protect itself from the cold. Instead of fire it breathes ice, freezing its enemies and preys to death.


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