Boy, that was a fast year

It has been a year since I tried and failed miserably to blog. I am off work until the first of the year with back problems. If the insurance company agrees, I will be having surgery December 4,2019. I cannot stand or sit straight up, like at a desk, for more than 15 to 20 minutes without my pain escalating. The longer I try, the more I hurt. So I have been spending most of the day in my recliner, leaned back, which is semi comfortable. I get up ever so often and clean the house a bit. Try cleaning your house in 15 minute increments. Fun! And cooking. Let’s just say that the Instapot I rarely use is about to start earning its place on my counter.

So anyway, I am going to give this blog another chance. Work on my writing, try some reviews. Really just a mish mash of different things. I have a YouTube channel I might try to do some really short videos for. I added a Journal page on here that is for short daily musings that don’t warrant a blog post. Medical updates and whatnot.

Thanks for reading!

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